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The brand Emailglobal (SouthWestern Bell Corp Global) is now a part of AT&T Group. AT&T Inc. is a well known American multinational telecommunication and internet service provider also, the world's largest telecommunication organization.

Emailglobal Email service is initially launched by Yahoo and available for the exclusive uses of AT&T account users only. Although it has some unique features which lead to the enormous popularity in very short span of time. At the same time, users bound to face technical issues which are mostly due to the unawareness and less knowledge of functionalities. In that case, Emailglobal Mail user requires a certified efficient technical support. Our Emailglobal Customer Service is always there for customers across the world.

Immediate voice support is one of the fastest methods to attend any sort of queries at the client's end. An efficient customer service number is key to success for any customer oriented organization. Being an initial contact point for customers, it is of very essential nature and demands serious attention towards the service quality, customer engagement, and delivery of error-free solution in time.

Know How Emailglobal Customer Service Works For You

When a Emailglobal customer dials our 24x7 active customer service for help, a member of our professional service expert team carefully listens to your inquiries. After detail analysis of your issues, the problem resolving mechanism set in motion and you will get a proper solution in no-time. All issues are analyzed, segregated according to the category, a degree of complexity and get fixed by using appropriate service methods.

There are multiple ways to help you, we are using a set of excellent customer support channels in your service, which are as follows -

  • 24x7 active on-call Sbsglobal customer service
  • Online customer support service
  • Live online chat or message support
  • Instant online assistance or Troubleshooting

Our popular Services for Emailglobal

Some Emailglobal customer issues solved by us regularly -

  • Account login problems
  • All password related issues
  • EMail account configuration to other Mail clients
  • Hacked Email account
  • My Emailglobal account not getting mail
  • Inactive Emailglobal account
  • Emailglobal mail sync on iOS device
  • Unable to import my contacts
  • Recovery of deleted emails from
  • All Email customization, settings, management issues

Get Instant Help from Emailglobal Customer Care Number

Just imagine, suddenly a Emailglobal Email service user faces technical malfunction while getting stuck in middle of an important session, how he/she will react? The quantum of annoyance and distress for inability to access emails. For such scenario, Our Emailglobal customer care team maintains a 24x7 presence so, that every emalglobal customer is attended properly.

Benefits of Connecting with Us

  • Single point service delivery
  • Fastest and efficient mode of service
  • 24x7 availability of dedicated service problems
  • Immediate problem hearing
  • Live technical support in case of urgency
  • Quick online assistance

Steps To Configure global Email on iOS Device

Smartphones, especially iOS Gadgets are highly trusted, immensely popular among peoples in every corner of the world. Similarly, Emailglobal or AT&T Mail client providing flawless email services to peoples also offers some unique features, which helps in error-free smooth user experience. Linking global Mail with your smartphone gives you a leading edge. To configure, you need to follow these steps -

  1. Go to device 'Home screen', click 'Settings' then move to 'Mail' tab
  2. Tap 'Others' in Mail section, then click 'Add an account.'
  3. Now Select Emailglobal
  4. Enter your complete 'Emailglobal email address.'
  5. Fill in your 'password' and tap 'Login.'
  6. Click 'Yes' to permit the application to access your information. As soon as you finish the procedure Emailglobal initiates the data synchronization process on concern iOS device.

How to Setup Outlook Mail account Setting for Emailglobal Email

After opening Outlook 2013 on your PC, follow below explained procedure -

  • Move to File tab then, select Add Account
  • In Add New Account section- Choose the Manually configure server settings or additional server types button, select Next to Setup wizard then again Next.
  • If asked 'Would you like to configure an E-mail Account?' Select Yes then click Next
  • Tap the POP or IMAP button, and then click Next
  • Move to User information section, Fill in your Name and email address then follow these steps- Put in your Name the way you want to appear for others. Now enter your complete Emailglobal email address.
  • In Server information section follow this- To Account Type select POP3, For Incoming mail server enter For Outgoing mail (SMTP) server, enter
  • Move to Login information section- enter User Name (your full email address), your Password and check the Remember Password box
  • Now select More Settings.
  • For Outgoing Server part- check the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication box and Use same settings as my incoming mail server check box
  • Here comes the Advanced tab follow these- Set Incoming server (POP 3) to port 995, click This server requires a secure connection (SSL) box. Set Outgoing server (SMTP) with port 465. For Use the following type of encrypted connection, select SSL
  • Finally select OK, followed by Next then Finish

With the help of above-described process, you can configure Outlook 2013 client for the Emailglobal email account. If you are unable to follow, contact Emailglobal customer service number for necessary technical assistance. Here, At '' we provide 24x7 live support services to resolve any issue of Emailglobal email customers.

Call Email Customer Care Number USA | CA : 1-888-331-9145

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